Main rules

- The maximum runtime is 3 Minutes and 21 Seconds.
- Every genre is accepted, but the submissions should have a certain
  quality claim regarding design, idea, story or originality.
- The works are based on still images.
- Video sequences are permitted as a supplement.
- Pure videos are not permitted.
- Accepted are submissions created in 2022 or later.
- Only one AV-sequence per author is allowed.
- File format: MP4 / H.264 codec, not more than approx. 8 Mbit/sec
- In case of more than about 80 submissions, a pre-selection may take place.
- Entry fee is 10 Euro.
- The best ranks (about 10% of the accepted sequences) get money prizes,
  furthermore the 3 best ranks get an "AV-Victor".
- The complete rules are listet in this PDF:

Logo PDF

All Rules (English)


Submission time frame: 15th January 2024 – 15th March 2024
Judging time frame: 16th March 2024 – 15th June 2024
Publishing of results: 30th June 2024 at the latest