Thank You

We like to thank all authors and all judging teams for their contribution, work and time.
The Challenge was again a successfull story. We are happy about the many submissions and judgings.
Feel free to send your feedback or comments to the organizers.
The next Challenge 321 will be in spring 2020.

The Results

The PDFs contain the votes from 15 judgings.

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Results by ID

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Results by score


81 of the 102 submissions were accepted for the main judging.
The preselection was done by at least one member of nearly each judging team.
The best 41 submissions get certificates for a succesfull participation.
The best 10 submissions get money prizes. From the entry fees we can pay out 925 € for places 1 to 10.
The best 3 submissions get the "AV-Oscar" with a tag
     "CHALLENGE 321 - 1st Price / 2nd Price / 3rd Price - International AV Contest 2019"

Results 2019
1Georges De ValkeneerBELGraffiti188yes241,268
2Jean VannerumBELChapelle Transparente104yes313,515
3Jane McIlroyGBRThe Dawning of the Day201yes259,550
4Manfred HirtDEUNaturnah199yes255,657
5Gerard van MeelNLDrustig lezen in Oxford96yes249,861
6Gino ZanniniITAOne more ride135yes280,635
7Ian BatemanGBRCars138yes290,826
8Jürgen TappeDEUThe Famous Basilicas Of Barcelona200yes286,928
9Wilfried SteinsDEUAground201yes304,120
10Jan TuinmanNLDEen harde noot kraken123yes235,571
11Enrico RomanziITAOctober Symphony186yes296,423
12Liam HainesIRLHarlem Nocturne182yes285,330
13Jürgen GierichDEUSchlossbeleuchtung199no
14Gerrit van HarreveldNLDPainted Forest158yes255,358
15Marcel BatistNLDNo-go area189yes352,72150 €
16Alan TyrerGBRLullaby201yes289,427
17Marco IsingNLDIt never stops95yes218,380
18Dieter AffeldtDEUNightmare im Waschsalon189yes241,866
19Annita HaezebrouckBELremember me186yes284,832
20Renate HeimlerDEUwell saddled148yes238,669
21Adèle AshtonNZLMaria's Memories193yes202,581
22Elaine AshtonNZLThermal Activity At Rotorua149no
23Guido ClarysseBELCarpe diem201yes276,937
24Diana BelsagrioITAThis House127yes319,51050 €
25Guido FlobertBELMemento128yes257,553
26Gabriele PinardiITAmine forever201yes323,3850 €
27Ger SauerNLDHotel New York201yes261,946
28Hartmut BomboschDEUWhaling at Grytviken, South Georgia200yes293,324
29Malcolm ImhoffGBRVincent50no
30Jan BurtAUSThe Typewriter104yes315,213
31Rosanna Photographic ClubAUSDust200yes257,055
32Henk de LangeNLDbLock Chain88yes267,142
33Linde DegenDEUThe Holy Week151yes221,978
34Lus JoostenBELLiving in a Grey World150yes297,822
35Martin AddisonGBRMisty200yes285,529
36Wolfgang BenedikAUTMarathon188no
37Dieter MüllerDEUPlay of Colors195no
38Heiner LieberumDEUDeutsche Natur200yes248,462
39William (Bill) BruceNORApocalypse201yes219,979
40Mark AllenGBRAnd Know The Place For The First Time201yes343,7475 €
41Giel RomboutNLDA differend world of trees140no
42Oliver GarganIRLSpaces180no
43Piet HuijgensNLDThe winter passed147yes257,552
44Norbert PiltersDEUFast and Furious67yes269,841
45Renate MüllerDEUEin sonderbarer Spaziergang182yes272,639
46André TeyckBELThe days after197yes368,71250 €
47Alex HoustonGBRRainbow's End201yes222,377
48Jacek ZaimPOLShoes201yes260,947
49Ruth GoldwasserAUSRed Sky Red Sand176yes264,044
50George FrostGBRThe Colours of Autumn201no
51Karl-Michael KaufmannDEUFit in die Kiste201no
52Jeff MorrisZAFNothing Gold Can Stay176yes229,474
53Marco CasonatoITAPULL UP!78no
54Herbert NeidhardtDEU3-2-1148yes309,018
55Ludo KindtBELLEFT LUGGAGE200yes346,33100 €
56Marion WaineGBRThe Robin120yes228,775
57Therese RedaelliITASTOLEN DREAMS200yes329,8675 €
58Ian BennettGBRTill Then180yes298,821
59Urs WohlwendCHEEmma163yes270,940
60Jan GresSVKInfraland201yes241,667
61Brian HarveyGBRGardening in Pixels193yes305,019
62Raymond HughesGBRBluebell Wood185no
63W?odek Bili?skiPOLWild souls122yes258,951
64Agnieszka Bili?skaPOLIn the midst of the waves201yes266,443
65Sheila HaycoxGBRThe Mountains181yes279,936
66Renke BienertDEUTerra Icognita201yes312,516
67Jan DemuzereBELThe path to the border193yes262,245
68Gerhard LiedlAUTVerlassen vergessen verfallen139yes247,863
69Eric DaviesGBRVanessa's Story200yes321,8950 €
70Liliane MatthysBELJapanese House162yes274,438
71Martin FryGBRWinter White197yes284,633
72Miranda luyckxBELVERSTILDE BEELDEN144yes233,772
73Pierangelo OrizioITAcarnevale di bagolino200no
74Gail StentNZLWater Dance196yes251,960
75Gemma LeendersNLDBeleef je dromen141no
76Paul NeukamDEUFlughafen Svinklov158no
77Maurice RicouFRABLANC200yes313,614
78Xaver KlaußnerDEUAutovision201yes256,156
79Keith LeedhamGBRMichael189yes316,112
80Patrick WerbrouckBELA perfect day...for photographers201yes260,948
81Isabel WerbrouckBELTomorrowland 2018185yes260,649
82Richard BrownGBRThe ascent of Monte Baldo199yes238,170
83Bob ThomasAUSHappy Wife, Happy Life200yes242,865
84Thomas NiemeyerZAFWeeping Boer-Bean, an Experiment105no
85Birgit Mölle-WeberDEUalle Jahre wieder... dreht es sich194no
86Henk-Jan de WeertNLDStreet decorations Setubal135yes225,576
87John KellyGBRWaterloo Sunset201yes253,659
88Lisa BukaldersGBRDreams of a day in Africa201yes341,2575 €
89José CatalanFRALes pêcheurs d'Essaouira198yes318,611
90Walter SchwabDEUANGKOR201yes283,434
91Marie-Françoise BordierFRAWorld Meeting200no
92Wallace CloseAUSQuarantine201yes244,264
93Francesca GernettiITAUrban silhouettes201yes310,217
94Martine PoiraudFRAMacareux de Terre-Neuve200no
95Lilian WebbIRLTitanic Proportions193no
96Jean-Paul HennionFRAGraffis à Santiago200yes257,154
97Luana LaubscherZAFYOU DONT OWN ME201yes325,6750 €
98Bruno BlattDEUA Dream175yes233,073
99Edith Etienne-FumetFRAHanami153no
100Martina GraßDEUWas wäre wenn181yes292,925
101David NewbyGBRCalm before the storm201no
102Peter ReitemeierDEUWater - a life-giving elixir199yes285,231